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I'm a CEO, business coach, and graphic designer. I help women reach their potential in creating businesses they desire. I live in New Mexico with my hubby, Evan and my daughter Emerie. When I'm not hunched behind my computer you can find me singing my heart out, snacking on something sweet, or bingeing YouTube.

I help overwhelmed women gain clarity, overcome fear, and create a clear plan to start the stationery business they dream of. 

The path to success is never easy.
A little on how I got here...

I grew up singing with big dreams of becoming a performer and working in the music industry, but life happened. After graduating from college and not able to find a career in my field I ended up working a ton of odd jobs that led me down a path of depression and a feeling of failure. I started to feel like a true failure in my eyes. All of the plans I had for myself were falling short and I wasn't happy with where I was in life. 

It took some self-work and a lot of growing in my faith, but I built up the courage to move away from my hometown of Ohio to North Carolina for a fresh start. It was then that my love of entrepreneurship began. In 2015 I started my photography business which would be the start of my entrepreneurial journey. A year later I started my 2nd business, The Stationery Muse and after that I started graphic design and web design services. I made up in my mind that no matter what bump in the road I came to I would always create my own YES! Today all of my experience and sharing my journey authentically has led me to where I am today! 

Now my mission is to help you do the same.

I give you a clear roadmap to start the stationery business you've been dreaming about. I help you overcome what's holding you back, while sprinkling in little ways to be consistent, resources to create your dream paper products, and support along the way to remove overwhelm and uncertainty. When working together we will turn your fear into a fully functioning online business that you are confident to launch so you can create more income beyond your 9 to 5. I have helped over 50+ women gain the clarity to finally start and I’m ready to help you too!

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Graduated from College
Depressed and Working Odd Jobs
Started a Blog


Moved to NC
Discovered the
Planner Community


Got Engaged!
Started my First Business Tatiana Muse Photography


Got Married!
Started The Stationery Muse Launched A5 Planner Inserts
Learned Graphic Design


Moved to New Mexico 
Created my Sub Box
Started Sharing my
Journey on YouTube


Became a mommy
Launched Be You Always
Started web and graphic design business
Launched a Planner and Self-Sabotaged
Sold out of my Sub Box 3 times!


Decided to Give My All to my Business


Launched the Live Love Inspire Business Planner
I get to inspire women all over the world to start the businesses of their dreams!

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