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YouTuber, Podcaster, Speaker, Mentor, Mommy, and Stationery Expert.

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Get inspired as I share my personal entrepreneur journey. I'm here to help you get out of your own way to start the business of your dreams.

I'm passionate about helping women get out of their own to start the online business of their dreams! I provide tips, real-life experiences, and tools for the road map to go from idea to reality. From gaining the clarity, creating your dream products, and learning how to become consistent with your ideas you'll get unstuck and into action to FINALLY start making money doing what you love. 

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The first session was powerful, filled with the answers I needed and the clarity I desperately needed. She is a THE product expert for the stationery community.!"


Before working with her I felt a bit lost. After meeting with her, I gained more followers on Instagram and I launched my Etsy shop!"

- Tiffany, Cozy Plans Creations

The steps Tatiana provided were practical and her delivery was easy to follow. She provided some key nuggets that will help me on my entrepreneur journey. She truly cares about the success of others." 

- coretta w.

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Ready to dive in now? Get started with one of my foundational courses, resources, and toolkits to help women tear-down fear, construct your dream business, and defeat inconsistency so they can confidently get started.

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1:1 Coaching

My coaching programs are designed to help you launch you planner or notebook in the next 90 days. With a small group or 1:1, I will be the supportive cheerleader that will guide you in launching the business you’ve been dreaming about. Let’s remove the guesswork and get started!

Tools + Resources

Take a look at some of my amazing free resources to help you get started! These will help you get organized and clear on all the things! Also, get an inside look at some of my favorite tools and platforms that I use to run my business and stay on top of things in my everyday life!


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