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You've decided to create a planner or journal and you're ready to take action to do it your way! I'm here to help!

have you...

You have a big idea but you keep getting stuck on the details. All you want to do is make this handmade planner but there is so much unknown and you're starting to wonder if maybe it's not meant for you to create. You've watched countless tutorials, tried the trial and error approach, and still you're still coming up short on how the process actually works. 

how much more time and energy will you trade in search of how to make this planner a reality?

We all know you want to launch this dream handmade planner or journal; stop wasting time watching all of those videos online trying to figure it out.

Spent hours researching Google and Youtube to find the right tutorial? 
Purchased equipment and tools that you didn't actually need?
Been confused on the program you should design this planner in?
Almost given up out of frustration?

well i've been right there with you!

I have been the one confused on the other side of the screen just trying to learn the process and get out of my head. That's why I created this masterclass to help women like you get the exact steps needed for designing and creating your very own handmade planner!

EASY TO FOLLOW process to create your very own handmade Wire-O or disc bound paper planner and remove the stress

FILL IN THE GAPS and get resources for things like "what type of paper do I need for this?" to save time and money

LEARN EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW and ask someone whose been there and get answers right in the course platform

GET THE CONFIDENCE & KNOW-HOW to finally create the planner you've been dreaming about so you can make money doing what you love

Learn everything you need to take your planner or journal out of your head and into your hands giving you an amazing product you are proud of -- the beauty of doing what you love.

The Handmade Planner

A step-by-step self-guided class created to help women remove the unknown in creating a quality handmade planner or journal so they can make their dreams come true!

I put the experience of running my handmade stationery business for the last five years plus launching a sold out handmade planner into this class so that you can do the same! 


Of course, you could continue researching on your own and watching videos that only give you pieces of the process.
But if that worked you would have created the planner already.

I am so passionate about helping women just like you get out of their own way and simply start. This class is so much more than just binding, paper, and coils, its the key to removing the stress so you can focus on what truly matters to you; building a legacy and helping others set goals and get organized!

I am an open book when it comes to helping you get there and you will leave this training with clarity, actions, and confidence. You are meant for this so let’s not wait any longer! There is nothing like being empowered with the knowledge and resources you need to move forward and take action. 


Do you want to create a quality handmade planner that you are proud of?

no more headaches of trying to wrap your head around how all it all fits together.

An interactive platform to ask questions and get the support you need during your creation process. PLUS a live quarterly Q+A to get all of your questions answered.

Everything you need to create your planner or journal including how to create your own tabs, pricing your product, and more!

A digital workbook full of places to organize your thoughts to plan out the layout, create a outline of pages and get information needed to submit quotes to the companies you desire to work with on this project.

In depth walkthrough of how to get started with Adobe Indesign to design your planner pages giving you the creative ability to make it how you've envisioned it to be.

A full resources list complete with the necessary businesses, tools and equipment needed to make a handmade planner so that you can save yourself from purchasing the wrong things based on trial and error.

Videos walking your through the exact process I use to create my handmade planners giving you the freedom to simply start and get your amazing planner in the hands of your dream customers. This includes laminated disc bound and wire-o hard cover.

the course includes


get started creating your dream planner

The first session was powerful, filled with the answers I needed and the clarity I desperately needed. She is a THE product expert for the stationery community.!"


Before working with her I felt a bit lost. After meeting with her, I gained more followers on Instagram and I launched my Etsy shop!"

- Tiffany, Cozy Plans Creations

The steps Tatiana provided were practical and her delivery was easy to follow. She provided some key nuggets that will help me on my entrepreneur journey. She truly cares about the success of others." 

- coretta w.

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This program is NOT for someone who wants to get their planner created or manufactured by another company. The steps in the class are specifically for handmade planners or notebooks.

Anyone trying to learn how to make a handmade wire-o bound or discbound planner or notebook.

You're ready to stop wasting time and energy and get the pieces to the process to finally get started.

Someone who is feeling stuck but ready to finally create the planner or notebook of their dreams.

who is this for?

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Yes! Ask away, you can reach me at

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this program and getting full access to course materials, payments are non-refundable. When choosing to join the program you are committing to the amount in full. Failure to make payments will result in collection action and removal from course access. 


At this time, the course will on be teaching how to create a hardcover wire-o OR laminated disc bound planner.

what if i have a question?

You can submit all questions you have within the course platform. In addition, Tatiana hosts a Quarterly Q+A for course members to come and get questions answered live!


No worries, this course is going to give you the steps on how to use it. When you are ready to get the program you will have all of the necessary steps needed OR you can take the steps and try to apply them to another design software of your choice if preferred.

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

get started now!

—shirley g.

"The amount of clarity I have after this program is so helpful. I never knew how much was actually involved in doing this the right way."

I'm here to give you the roadmap and eliminate the stress that comes with creating your very own planner. IT'S POSSIBLE! From getting empowered with necessary information, obtaining my list of resources, and learning how to design and create the planner to start making money doing what you love. I can't wait to help you!

tatiana muse is a mentor, business coach, And stationery lover

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